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The Battery Mechanics Prefer

Interstate® batteries are the preferred choice of auto technicians. Let our trusted pros at Amigo's Express Auto help.

The Best Time to Test

Extreme weather can harm your car battery, so spring and fall are ideal times to prepare your battery for the potentially intense weather ahead. If there is any sign your car battery is struggling now, you'll likely have a problem during temperature extremes.

Contact us to have a routine battery test done by a trusted mechanic at Amigo's Express Auto. This is a great way to know your car battery's status, so you don't experience problems down the road.

Our PROS are Nearby

Did you know there are often telltale signs that your vehicle's battery is about to fail? Here are a few signs to watch out for:

  • Slow engine crank                                                                                            
  • Battery or Check Engine light is on*
  • Low car battery fluid level
  • A bloated or swollen battery case
  • Corroded car battery terminals
  • Dim headlights or interior lights

*The battery warning light may also be a mechanical issue and should be checked by a professional repair shop.

Interstate Battery

Interstate Battery

Will Driving a Car Charge a Battery?

The alternator charges your car's battery, but some factors may affect the alternator's ability to charge the battery, including:

  • The amount of current diverted from the alternator to the battery
  • How long the current is available (the drive time)
  • The temperature of the battery
  • The age of the battery

The following situations may also keep the alternator from adequately recharging your battery:

  • Battery drained because an interior light was left on
  • Battery drained because a vehicle was not driven for a month or more
  • Car only driven at slow speeds or in stop-and-go-traffic

Keeping an Unused Car Battery From Dying

Your car's alternator charges the battery while the vehicle is being driven. But if the car sits unused for longer than two months, it will eventually drain and kill the car battery, especially if it is three years or older.

If your car is sitting still for a long period of time, disengaging the security system, driving the vehicle for at least 30 minutes weekly to fully charge it and even disconnecting the terminal wires are all great ways to preserve battery life.

Interstate Battery

Interstate Battery

Overheated Battery

If a car battery gets too hot, it may expand and leak battery acid, which can be dangerous for the car and anyone nearby. The car battery may even explode, sending shards of plastic, lead fragments and caustic battery acid all over the place.

If you smell rotten eggs, notice a car battery swelling or see steam coming out of it, the battery is probably overheated. If so, shut the engine down and wait for the vehicle to cool down before addressing the problem.

  • Battery Cool Down

    If you want to cool down a car battery, park the vehicle in a shaded area or inside a garage. You may even consider opening the hood of the car to help the battery cool down.


  • Always Know the State of Your Battery

    Regardless of climate, a regularly scheduled battery test is the best way to know how your battery will behave in the future. Contact us to schedule a free battery test at Amigo's Express Auto today.


If you have any questions please call us at 984-222-3007

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